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Private training in Boxing/Kickboxing/Personal Fitness at our private gym

Marina del Rey, CA , United States

About Your Host

Patricia Steele has been the owner/trainer of Steeleboxer for over twenty years. Our clients range in age from 10 years old to 70. We train boxers/kickboxers for fights, actors for movie and TV roles and everyday people who want to get in shape or really want to learn how to box and kickbox -- male and female. It is a progressive learning program where we focus on form and technique which assists the learning process as well as expedites weight loss and muscle building. We are one of the best gyms on the Westside and have been listed in the Best of L.A. issue of L.A. Magazine. This program is amazing and always gets results. Clients learn how to box while getting in shape. People look at this as learning a sport as it is not only effective but challenging and fun as well.

What we'll do

The training is a combination of Ali's, Leonard and Bruce Lee. This is a progressive learning program where we start with basics and add on every time you would come in to get a little more complex and more aerobic each time. We do not have group classes and it is not Tae Bo. For the women, you learn form and technique in order to do the punching and kicking properly. It is an amazing workout and is the only type of training that has worked for me personally. It works for either getting in shape or really learning how to box and kickbox. We are different from most gyms in that the learning aspect and diversity that we offer take the drudgery out of the typical normal boring workout. Here you have a training partner to inspire and push each other. We are here to do all of the boxing, kickboxing and weight training with you. That is the motivating factor that helps you improve form while doing all the techniques faster and correctly. It is a well-balanced training program where we work on getting long, lean muscles like a swimmer or dancer. I



for Private training in Boxing/Kickboxing/Personal Fitness at our private gym

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    $70 USD

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    $70 USD

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