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UrbanKick at Hooked on Fitness

Philadelphia, PA , United States

About Your Host

The Hooked on Fitness Studio is located in 19134 Philadelphia, Pa. We were recently voted as the Best Group Fitness Studio in Philadelphia as well as the first runner up for Best Personal Trainer. We offer one-on-one Personal Training sessions with a 5 time NGA Figure Competitor along with Group Fitness classes ranging from UrbanKick to Bodyshred to Zumba to TRX to Cize Live. Come on up and see what the buzz is all about!

What we'll do

UrbanKick® is an innovative and athletic workout that combines sports conditioning with kickboxing for a total body workout. Using punch and kick sequences, UrbanKick® expertly blends steady state cardiovascular training with metabolic boosting H.I.I.T. drills so you constantly develop strength, power, agility, flexibility and balance. This dynamic and efficient workout challenges your body in all planes of motion to maximize your heart-healthy cardiovascular benefits and your body-weight functional strength benefits. Come on up and see why we were just voted as the Best Group Fitness Studio in Philly by The Happening!



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    $10 USD

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    $10 USD

    per person