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Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) Training Weekend in Walpole, MA

Walpole, MA , United States

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We were introduced to Laughter Yoga in 2008 when we participated in a three day seminar at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA led by Bruce Katlin. We had seen Laughter Yoga on "Oprah" and "The Today Show" the year before and had been curious about it. We have felt healthier (lower blood pressure!) and happier since the seminar. We enjoyed "laughing for no reason" so much that we started our own laughter clubs. See Email: Since finding Laughter Yoga we are laughing together more and are even laughing alone in our cars. We know that seven days without laughter makes one weak! After running the club for the first year we decided to improve our skills and become Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers. So in August of 2010 we spent 10 amazing days in Aubuquerque, New Mexico where we trained with Dr. Kataria himself and also attended the annual American Laughter Yoga Conference. Now we can help spread the joy of laughter by training others to be Certified Laugher Yoga Leaders!

What we'll do

2-Day Intensive Training Course (from July 30 - July 31, 2016) - After successful completion of this course you are qualified as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL), an internationally recognized qualification. This is a lifetime certification. You will be able to lead Laughter Yoga sessions in social clubs, yoga & fitness centers, schools, churches, senior centers and in the corporate workplace and offer public seminars. Laughter Yoga is a unique form of exercise that anyone can do. There are no poses or postures. There are no jokes or comedy. We use laughter and breathing exercises. The course includes: Learning the physical, mental & emotional benefits of laughter; How to laugh without humor and how to teach others to do so; The history of Laughter Yoga Starting & running laughter clubs; How to market your services; Techniques for special groups (children, seniors and more); Laughter Boosting techniques; How to laugh alone! Who Needs It Anyone who wants to bring more laughter in their life and to share laughter with others will benefit from this training. It will be of special interest to: Yoga and fitness teachers HR and management training professionals Health care professionals Teachers and sports coaches Psychologists and psychiatrists Entertainment professionals Senior care workers Marriage and family therapists Life coaches and alternative therapists Tourism professionals & tour guides Anyone who needs to add less stress and more laughter to their life! This will be our 17th training! There are plenty of breaks and runs approximately from 9am to 4:30pm each day. Price: $315/person for the complete 2-day session. The price includes spiral-bound training manual, hand-outs, resource CD, DVD, many informative e-mails, light snacks, beverages, and spring water cooler; photos of your FABULOUS week-end, and continued Laughter Yoga support from Bill and Linda. Space is limited, so register as soon as you can! Already Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders can attend for half-price and get re-energized in their laughter yoga practice!



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    $315 USD

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