Street / Art walk through Gowanus Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY , United States
1h 45m

About Your Host

Rich was born in Cleveland in 1980. He spent his formative years exploring, playing sports, goofing off with friends, and making art. He studied hard enough to attend Fordham University in the Bronx, where he reveled in New York City's art and history. He met his future wife, graduated, then moved back to Ohio for a few years. Here he had his first art studio, managed an apartment complex, and studied more art and history. He moved back to NY and took work in the Brooklyn Museum's education department. Freelance cultural tours and art education followed, as did a wedding in 2009. Since that time, his art has focused on found-object collage, and he's enjoyed scattered art shows. Rich now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two young kids. He divides his time between family, doing his own artwork, and planning creative tours for his company, Gotham SideWalks.

What we'll do

Local artist Rich Garr leads this safe [masked, socially distant] open-air exploration through the Gowanus waterfront. He is a longtime area artist focusing on public art and community. This walking tour is a multi-sensory collage featuring art, and responding to the area's renowned history and current events. Swoon, Mast, Guild, Wolf Tits and other funky street artists are typically featured. So are historical landmarks, architectural gems, hidden art spaces, and the work of anonymous "green guerillas" and graffiti writers. While old pollution lingers, so do new issues surrounding gentrification and re-zoning. The area is changing rapidly, and this tour features real-time information and insight. This route changes by the month, but always passes quirky art and recreational spaces (fencing, climbing, ax throwing, etc.). Local artists and businesses are always highlighted- classic pillars and young innovators alike. We depart from Gowanus Corner at 400 4th Ave. (@ 6th St.) on the edge of Park Slope, very close to the F, G & R trains. The walk lasts about 1.5 hours. The walk ends on a literal high, overlooking our footsteps and amidst unique food and drink options (where further discussion is encouraged). Tickets often sell out, and cannot be purchased after 8am on the morning of the walk... so try to get them early!



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