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Create Your Own Tapestry

Los Angeles, CA , United States

About Your Host

From interior decorating to styling my little Venice apartment to starting my own company selling handmade tapestries, I have loved taking nothing and turning it into something. Thrifting, refurbishing, hunting, finding, creating.

What we’ll do

Lonely walls no more. I have taken the hippy trippy tapestry and turned them into something rich, with subtle textures, and fresh, accessible designs. Cotton weaves, linens, voiles, twills. Learn how to make your own tapestry for your apartment or home! Located in Venice, we will meet at Fabric Planet where I will help you select the best fabric for you and your style. Hosted back at my Venice apartment, I will teach you how to cut and fringe your own tapestry. Fleetwood Mac, cocktails, bites, and 2 golden tacks will be provided so you can head home after a day of creativity, good company, and new decor.



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    $95 USD

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    $95 USD

    per person