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Learn to Catch and Prepare Chicken at a Responsible Farm

Riverside, CA , United States

About Your Host

My name is Reese and I run GoneStraw Farms! At GoneStraw Farms in Riverside, California, we are dedicated to offering the freshest meat and eggs to local restaurants. As the only poultry farm raising grass-fed chickens in the area, we take pride in serving our customers. When we first started this company, we only had 25 chickens that we purchased from the feed store. Our next batch included 150 chickens, and we have grown ever since. The best part of running a poultry farm is receiving shipments of new chicks. A typical delivery can include up to 4,000 baby chickens. We love raising these birds until they are ready to be sent out to local restaurants.

What we’ll do

Catch chickens and ducks at a Responsible Farm. Chicken tikka masala, fried chicken, chicken noodle soup, Peking duck, etc. all have one thing in common – they all contain poultry! Here at GoneStraw Farms, we love to raise our poultry (chickens and ducks) in a responsible way. They are all grass-fed and raised cage-free. We also offer cage-free chicken and duck eggs. Our farm is the only one in the area that treats its animals humanely and ensures that they are given the best food as they grow. You can taste the difference that fresh chicken or duck makes in your dishes. At GoneStraw Farms, we feed our birds real food. In this experience, you will go through all of the steps in which a live chicken is taken from our spacious farm grounds and becomes what you buy at the supermarket! You will then have the choice to take the product of your work home or barbecue it on the farm with us! So come learn how a chicken eventually transforms into what you prepare into a delicious morsel on your dining room table!



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    $38 USD

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