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Our studio space gives makers the opportunity to bring ideas to life. If you are a hands-on learner, you’ve found the right community. Our artists teach classes on chocolate making, jewelry design, leatherworking, and everything under the sun. Our classes run from 2-4.5 hours and are taught by experienced makers that live in thrive in BK. Our small class sizes allow for you to vibe and network with other makers in the studio

What we’ll do

Workshop Overview Motorcycle enthusiasts have been customizing their rides since the first bike came out. We want to add our own flare and taste to the machine, whether it is making it faster, sleeker, rattier or just unique. In this workshop you will learn the basics of motorcycle design and where to start if you want to bring a new life to your vintage bike. What you will learn This workshop will start by reviewing different types of custom bikes and the distinct characteristics of each style. Students will look into the aesthetics and features of a cafe racer, a bobber and a tracker. During the workshop, students will be exposed to different methods of customizing the frame and other components ranging from tires to custom seats. Whether you have an idea of what you want to do with your bike, or just want to get a bit more knowledge on bike-building, you will know where to start. About Taras Taras is the founder and driving force behind Craftsman Avenue and embodies the spirit of learning-by-doing. As a product designer running a digital agency, Taras got into the world of motorcycle design because he wanted to learn a new hands-on skill. Since then, Taras has been designing and building custom motorcycles for Belstaff that are on display at their stores in places from Milano to Los Angeles. This same passion led to the creation of Craftsman Avenue and opened the possibilities to a world of new crafts and skills to the Brooklyn community.



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    $75 USD

    per person


    $75 USD

    per person