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Introduction to Poi and Fire Poi

Brooklyn, NY , United States

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The Floasis is a haven for flow artists, an outdoor space where fitness, dance and meditation practice is blended with play, object manipulation and flow! The Floasis hosts flow arts training, classes, markets, fire shows and fire dancing "spin jams". Spin jams and Flow Markets are free for any flow enthusiast and we encourage teachers to earn money by donation. We host traveling spinners and offer a free/affordable place to teach and stay. The Floasis has also been utilized for fire photo/video shoots and rehearsals to help professional performers promote themselves and advance their career.

What we’ll do

Ever wanted to learn how to swing those things on strings? Now you can! Come explore the joy of poi in a no-pressure, friendly classroom environment in my beginner poi series! Over the course of eight weeks, you will learn the basics of moving with your poi. At the end, you will get the opportunity to light up for the first time and dance with fire! Week 1 – Planes, Stalls and Pendulums Week 2 – Same time hip and shoulder reels Week 3 – Split time hip and shoulder reels Week 4 – Butterflies Week 5 – Behind the Head Butterflies and Mexican Waves Week 6 – Two and Three Beat Weaves Week 7 – Fire Safety and Review/AMA Week 8 – Playing with Fire! Light up your poi for the first time in a safe and encouraging environment. $35 drop ins or $190 for the series. Please bring your own poi! It’s easy as pie. Here is a short tutorial on how to make sock poi: Materials: 1 pair of knee socks 1 pair of pantyhose 1.5 c of rice or beans 1.) Cut both feet off of the pantyhose (leaving yourself a little bit of room to tie off and discard the rest. 2.) Fill one foot with 3/4 c. of rice or beans. Tie off. 3.) Put your newly-formed bean bag in one of your socks, pushing it down to the toe. Give it a good spin so it gets as far down in their as possible. Tie off at the top of the sock. 4.) Repeat with the other foot/sock.



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