Angelite Rainbow Obsidian Chunky Bracelet

Natural Angelite and Rainbow Obsidian are beaded on your new gemstone healing bracelet. These are glacier blue Angelite gemstones which may show traces of whit...

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Natural Angelite and Rainbow Obsidian are beaded on your new gemstone healing bracelet. These are glacier blue Angelite gemstones which may show traces of white and red mineral inclusions. Rainbow Obsidian is the most sought after form of Obsidian because of its brilliant sheen. Like all Obsidian, this healing crystal forms when volcanic lava cools quickly. Microscopic crystals and bubbles of Mica get trapped in this particular form of Obsidian to reveal subtle sheen and muted rainbow colors moving on the stone, best seen under the sunlight or direct light. The beautiful gemstones are polished into smooth 11mm to 12mm round beads and strung on sturdy bracelet stretch cord for a comfortable and flexible fit. Angelite (also known as Anhydrite) is one of a group of higher vibrational crystals that can assist in smoothing the way for vibrational shifts, awareness and ascension. Angelite is a very soothing, peaceful, and uplifting stone, quite helpful during times of transition. Rainbow Obsidian is our favorite crystal to counteract negative energies and transmute them to positive, thus protecting our aura from being drained. Use Rainbow Obsidian to ground the Root Chakra. This is a limited-edition Angelite and Rainbow Obsidian stretch bracelet. You will receive one unique bracelet per order; each bracelet may vary slightly from the other and from the pictures. The bracelet comes in a Kraft jewelry box which can be filled with dry sea salt or dry brown rice to keep the crystals energetically charged when not in use. Due to the natural state of stones, you may find varying colors, inclusions, veins, surface craters, dips and minerals in the organic crystals. Check Your Size: x-small: 5-6 inches, small: 6-7 inches, medium: 7-8 inches, large: 8-9 inches Thank you for your positive presence at I Dig Crystals!

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ABOUT Sheila

My name is Sheila Satin and I'm all about the crystal healing, handmade jewelry and living life. I am the owner of "I Dig Crystals" - the offspring of our family business, Satin Crystals. In 2003, I entered the family business, selling mainly at trade shows and to my late-father's crystal healing students. My interest in crystals grew as I continued to learn and experiment with the different properties of natural stones. The healing aspect of the company became increasingly attractive after I earned my certificate in Crystal Healing Therapy. I am also proud to conduct an Eco-friendly business using natural elements, biodegradable bags and bubble wrap, recycled mailers and sustainable treeless paper. I also maintain the I Dig Crystals Blog, answering crystal healing related questions and informing those who are ready to let go of their limited notions in this vast metaphysical world.


Angelite Rainbow Obsidian Chunky Bracelet

Sheila in California
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Angelite Rainbow Obsidian Chunky Bracelet
by Sheila

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