Chinese Opera Mask 2

One of a kind, hand drawn unique design inspired by Peking Opera Masks. Is 8inches by 10 inches and about an inch thick canvas stretched on wood. Easy to h...

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One of a kind, hand drawn unique design inspired by Peking Opera Masks. Is 8inches by 10 inches and about an inch thick canvas stretched on wood. Easy to hang. Will show how if need be when you pick it up. By artist, Charlotte Show Lin from Learn More, Live More. She also teaches Drawing on Vinyl Records with mandala inspired design. Find it here at: About the roots and design: Peking Opera is a combined art containing literature, drama, fine art, music, and dance. Two main Peking Opera Masks are the HuaLian and the Joker, which use color blocks to decorate their faces in two very different ways. The HuaLian come in more variety with a wide range of colors and patterns and are always male. The colors cover the whole face while for the Joker the color of white is used to cover half the eyes and above the mouth in a round shape. Designs inspired by traditional HuaLian are depicted in the artwork you see. Each mask in the operas is specifically designed to represent each character. Here, the artwork takes the style and the colors and shapes used to make unique HuaLian. Opera masks are symbolic and exaggerations of facial expressions and personalities. In general, red means loyalty. Black means virtue. Violet means powerful. Gold means deity. White means wicked (although this does not necessarily apply to the Joker). The patterns for Opera masks are both diverse and meaningful. Meaningful motifs in Peking Opera masks include the virtuous moon, the lightning of the lightening God, the wise and fortune-telling yin-yang, the tokens of Chinese money symbolizing wealth, and weapons on the forehead symbolizing military occupation. Other than in Peking, or in modern terms Beijing, other regions in China also have opera masks that accompany their local operas.

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Chinese Opera Mask 2

Learn More, Live More in Chicago, IL
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Chinese Opera Mask 2
By Learn More, Live More

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