Copper Feather Cuff. Size 6"

The Healing Metal at your wrist as a graceful, feather cuff. Handmade in Venice, CA at the August Axel Jewelry Studio from all copper components. This cuff i...

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The Healing Metal at your wrist as a graceful, feather cuff. Handmade in Venice, CA at the August Axel Jewelry Studio from all copper components. This cuff is currently sized for a 6.5" wrist. The bracelet itself is approx. 6" and could be sized smaller. Please measure your wrist and let me know if a smaller size is needed. And finally, let's face it. Almost everyone reacts to copper which is evident by the greenish color left behind on the skin. Completely non-harmful but not exactly charming! This cuff is covered with a matte sealant to protect your skin. The coating will also slow down the natural tarnishing process.

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3-5 days
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Venice, CA

ABOUT August

The August Axel Jewelry Studio is a creative workshop in Venice Beach, CA. The Studio and course offerings were designed to serve a range of skills and interests from talented tinkerers to advanced artists. Our goal is to provide solid and safe bench-instruction, combined with hands-on practice, so artists may operate safely, independently and successfully. COURSES: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Soldering. Bezel Setting. Tube Setting. Flush Setting. Prong Setting. Metalsmithing. Cold-Connections. Wire Wrapping. Knotting. Private or Group Lessons. And more. INSTRUCTORS: As Owner and Senior Instructor, Christy Sears brings a wealth of knowledge to the bench. With 15+ years of jewelry soldering and metal fabrication, endless patience and a healthy sense of humor, she creates a warm and welcoming learning environment. Not only does she believe in teaching "how", but "why" and this has made all of the difference to her students. All of the August Axel Jewelry Studio instructors create the same atmosphere, so students may reach their goals.


Copper Feather Cuff. Size 6"

August in Venice, CA

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Copper Feather Cuff. Size 6"
by August

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