Gemstone Painting: Galloping Horses

Horses are a traditional Chinese art subject because they have very positive symbolism in China, and in Feng Shui. It has the meaning of horses coming bringing...

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Horses are a traditional Chinese art subject because they have very positive symbolism in China, and in Feng Shui. It has the meaning of horses coming bringing success. In China horses are a symbol of power, endurance, beauty freedom and passion. The “Eight Galloping Horses” is the most famous one which belongs to the King Mu of Zhou. It’s a common artwork of Chinese people. “Horses come, bring Success” is a common phrase used by most of every Asian country. Since ancient time, horses are used in battlefields as transportation, carrier, even as weapons, and they follow every man into the battle, no matter how. The image of returning horses is the image of success, a victory. Dreaming of horses or seeing yourself riding a horse may indicate that you are going to see a project to successful conclusion. On the other hand, if you see yourself falling from a horse, you are nervous about the project you are working on, which leads to a poor result. Display the galloping horses high up coming into your home, important rooms or office. Putting these horses in the southern sector of your living room or family area brings rising success to you and your family. Take notice of the direction of the horses to pair with your own direction of success to have an excellent match. Crafted and finished mostly from powdered ingredients, but still, it brings us the feelings of power and success from the horses. Size can vary based on customers’ needs: 40cm x 60cm = 1500USD 30cm x 40cm = 2000USD 126cm x 288cm =3000USD Ingredients: Ruby, Sapphire, Opal, Peridot, Flourite (Powdered)

Processing Time:
2-3 weeks
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Hanoi, Vietnam


Hello! My name is Jung and I'm an experienced gemstone painter based out of Hanoi, Vietnam. An interesting art form of Vietnam and other countries in the region is gemstone painting, whereby powdered or very small gemstones are used to create beautiful and colorful pictures. The art form is said to have originated in Rajasthan, India, but spread throughout Asia. Gemstone art is colorful, durable and uses crushed gemstone fragments that would otherwise be disregarded or deemed only suitable for industrial use because they are too small for use in jewelry. To make these paintings, the stones are sorted by color, washed, dried, crushed and then cleaned before being sprinkled over a clear glass or mica sheet and affixed with glue. The beauty of such pictures is that they sparkle with color that does not fade or deteriorate, and the artwork helps to support local miners, who would otherwise have to sell tiny or low-quality stones at very low prices. Synthetic colors often do not come close to the colors of nature, so these gemstone paintings are a sight to behold. These paintings can be bought at the Yen The morning gemstone market as well as other places nearby, and now from me through Verlocal!


Gemstone Painting: Galloping Horses

Jung in Hanoi, Vietnam
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Gemstone Painting: Galloping Horses
by Jung

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