The perfect gift to treat yourself or someone you love. This package includes some of our favorite products from the Sweet Honey kitchen beautifully packaged, ...

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The perfect gift to treat yourself or someone you love. This package includes some of our favorite products from the Sweet Honey kitchen beautifully packaged, wrapped and ready to gift. Each package includes one of the following: Fire Cider: Our Fire Cider is the perfect companion to support daily health. Fire Cider brings heat and blood to the organ systems, helping to move stagnation, dry out that wet cough and boost our overall immunity. Also a great remedy for slow or sluggish digestion. 2 oz. bottle. Lung + Throat Elixir: Made with a wonderful mix of herbs to strengthen the respiratory system and kick that cough. Sip throughout the winter to stave off illness or use for an active cold or flu to help your body heal and repair. 2 oz bottle. Rose + Calendula Salve: This salve is the perfect first aid solution for cuts, scratches, sunburns, and bruises. Our soothing salve contains a healing mix of olive and sweet almond oil infused with calendula, rose petals, lavender, and st. john's wort from our farm. 1 oz. tin. Tulsi + Ginger Honey: Our infused honey is fragrant and warm, a great way to nourish your adrenal and nervous systems and heat up sluggish digestion. 4 oz jar. One Bar of Handmade Goat's Milk Soap: A deliciously fragrant and cleansing soap, great for lifting the spirits and pulling toxins and impurities from the skin. Choose from Lemongrass + Charcoal or Ylang Ylang + Red Clay. 4 oz bar. Hand Waxed Bag: This bag is handwaxed with 100% pure beeswax. Can be re-purposed as a waterproof lunch sack, planter, or catchall for your kitchen or bathroom.

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ABOUT Sweet Honey

We are a farm based apothecary business located outside Portland Oregon. We make a small line botanical medicines, herbal infused honey's, goats milk soap and body products. We are growing a small garden of medicinal herbs, raising dairy goats, keeping bee's and wildcrafting when possible. We source all organic ingredients for our products and use as much homegrown as possible. Everything we make is made in small batches and with so much care! We love what we do and it reflects in our products!



Sweet Honey in Sandy
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