Handmade Grissini, made on order. Choose between EV Olive Oil or Parmigiano. Minimum order is 2 pounds. Price is for 2 pounds = $60 for 2 pounds Each additiona...

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Handmade Grissini, made on order. Choose between EV Olive Oil or Parmigiano. Minimum order is 2 pounds. Price is for 2 pounds = $60 for 2 pounds Each additional pound $25 Keep fresh for one week after delivery. Also ideal for edible table decorations. Vase in the picture NOT included. Delivery in a disposable aluminium container: $10 in Los Angeles Mid City/Lacma/Grove/Hollywood $20 S. Monica, Bel Air

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1-2 days
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Los Angeles

ABOUT Elisabetta

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy. My Father is from Naples and my Mom from Tuscany, both regions known for excellent cuisine. I learned the traditions of authentic homemade Italian cooking in my grandmother’s kitchen on Sunday mornings, while she prepared our family meal. Fast-forward a few years: I travelled and lived in different countries as a diplomat’s wife. Exposed to many cultures and languages, I acquired a flair for sophisticated, world-style entertaining. I remembered how important food was in my happy childhood years. I started using food as the core element around which to entertain and surprise the many distinguished guests who came to our house. Curious by nature, I love to explore tastes from around the world – from French to Middle Eastern to Thai. Many politicians, artists, directors, musicians and diplomats raved about my dinner parties convinced it was prepared by some notorious chef …I loved to keep the secret! I love to make people enjoy food for the pleasure of getting together around a table. I love to make people taste the difference between real food and processed food. I love to pass on the capacity of nourish yourself and your family well and in a healthy way without having to order dinner every night.



Elisabetta in Los Angeles
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by Elisabetta

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