Leather Guitar Strap - Duomo pattern

Inspired by the Duomo in Florence, Italy, the handmade leather Duomo Guitar Strap has an old-world charm to it. This guitar strap is a gorgeous accessory for y...

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Inspired by the Duomo in Florence, Italy, the handmade leather Duomo Guitar Strap has an old-world charm to it. This guitar strap is a gorgeous accessory for your most-loved guitar and the geometric pattern can be used by men and women. The colors are sage, burgundy and antique black. I start with a tooling leather and then brand, paint, and dye it, and then apply a protective coat to keep it safe from the elements. The colors are colorfast and permanent, and because I use the highest quality tooling leather the strap will soften as you use it and it will last for a lifetime. STRAP OPTIONS: See the last photo for the two layouts. Option 1 (top): Symmetrical strap, adjustable at both ends. Can be used with banjo, guitar, bass, or dobro. Adjusts from 45-58" Option 2 (bottom): Tapered at one end. This strap works best for guitars. Adjusts from 38" to 52". PLEASE SPECIFY which option you'd like when ordering. All orders not specified will be made as Option 2. You can use a little leather tie to attach it to the head of the instrument on guitars that have only one strap pin. I am happy to do custom orders - just ask!

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1-2 weeks
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Seattle, Washington

ABOUT Caitlin

I'm a full-time leathercraft artist, mother, and author of "Leathercrafted." I'm a certified leathercraft master. I started Moxie & Oliver in 2014 out of a desire to create leather accessories that were as durable as they were beautiful. After eleven years making leather goods, and with the original pieces still in use (and looking amazing), I have accomplished that and so much more. Teaching leathercraft classes out of my studio allows me to share my love of the craft, my knowledge of the process and history, and my original techniques for adding pattern and color, with interested students. Classes are open to anyone age 12 and older (under 18 must be accompanied by an adult taking a class at the same time). My unique process allows anyone, artistic background or not, to be able to create a beautiful, functional, leather good in an afternoon, a day or a weekend. Come with an open mind and a rough idea of what you'd like to accomplish - with your inspiration and my guidance, YOU will make something wonderful!


Leather Guitar Strap - Duomo pattern

Caitlin in Seattle, Washington
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Leather Guitar Strap - Duomo pattern
by Caitlin

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