Haritaki Backpack

With a hand spun cotton body plus pineapple fabric straps and base this backpack is a stylish addition to any lifestyle! With an inside zip pocket to help kee...

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With a hand spun cotton body plus pineapple fabric straps and base this backpack is a stylish addition to any lifestyle! With an inside zip pocket to help keep track of the little things and three exterior pockets that give easy access, this backpack is perfect for a day in the city or on the trails. With natural dyes, environmentally friendly materials and durable structure, this is a product that you can be sure with the utmost care for the natural environment and the people that produced it. 17" H x 12"W x 4"D

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The Tripty Project focuses on creating an innovative solution to combine modern design and handicraft that will help the women of Bangladesh reclaim their livelihood while making sustainable, fashionable, and ethical products easily available for the conscientious consumers of the world. We believe that it is possible to stop feeding into the sweatshops, polluting, waste filled industries and allow you to feel happy and connected to your purchase. We want to bridge the gap between buyers and their products and their makers. We are achieving this by having a completely transparent supply chain, and providing information about the organizations we support as well as stories about the individual women who benefit from the work that is created by this line of handicrafts. We’re also on working on sourcing the most environmentally friendly materials we can find. Natural dyes that have been used for thousands of years and will not contaminate the water supply, Local jute that uses less water and can be grown organically, locally sourced seeds, recycled clothing; all of our items will be sourced as locally and environmentally friendly as possible.


Haritaki Backpack

Luke in Oakland
(3 Available)

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Haritaki Backpack
by Luke

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