The Red Postmodern Nixie Tube Clock

Nuvitron presents the Postmodern Nixie Clock: an electronic work of art There is something almost primal about the warm glow from a Nixie tube clock. In the, ...

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Nuvitron presents the Postmodern Nixie Clock: an electronic work of art There is something almost primal about the warm glow from a Nixie tube clock. In the, cold, clinical, sterile world of computers and binary information, it’s comforting to know that there are still some people out there who are willing to go the extra mile just to bring you a functional object that will still look good in your home. Lovingly crafted by artisans who are fed on a diet of vacuum tubes and Argon gas, the postmodern Nixie tube clock is the result of the ensuing hallucinations. What better way to watch your existence slowly ebb away than to observe the warm glow of the ever-changing numbers on your Nixie tube clock? This one is painted Cherry Red, just like cherries.

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1-3 days
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The Woodlands, TX

ABOUT Nuvitron

Our Design Philosophy Looking to the past, creating the future. They say that we should learn from our past and this is exactly what we aim for at Nuvitron. Taking the best of what came before, matching it with the best of now to create classics of the future. Past. Present. Future. It’s a spiritual thing. Our Process To Manufacture Products Slow. Sure. Steady. Like a good wine or fine malt. We take our time. This isn’t fast food. This isn’t cheap’n’cheerful. We hire highly skilled artisans with years of experience and moments of genius, producing limited quantities of unique products using renewable materials. FUTURE PRODUCTS Something special is in the oven except that it’s not literally an oven. We know it’s not too popular these days but we start every new project by reading old books and technical things. From this we then draw on years of experience and vivid dreams to develop ideas for new products. Coming soon – a vacuum tube amplifier and a vacuum Nixie tube radio. Stay tuned! What’s next, a vacuum tube vacuum cleaner? Er, no.


The Red Postmodern Nixie Tube Clock

Nuvitron in The Woodlands, TX
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The Red Postmodern Nixie Tube Clock
by Nuvitron

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