Reclaimed Hawaiian Hardwood Lamp

This is a beautiful and one of a kind wooden table lamp or desk lamp made out of Reclaimed Hawaiian Parota wood. The piece balances straight clean lines with ...

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This is a beautiful and one of a kind wooden table lamp or desk lamp made out of Reclaimed Hawaiian Parota wood. The piece balances straight clean lines with natural wood textures and warm ambient vintage lighting. Natural textures and vintage fittings bring a hint of nature and nostalgia to the warm light of the Edison incandescent bulb. The bulb is a beautiful 30 Watt radio bulb and the light emitted is the perfect amount needed to warm a corner space and add ambiance. The light is similar to a large night light and is more ambient than useful for reading. All the fittings are replications of vintage light components, including the cloth covered twisted wire cord and plug. This light has a switch on the cord. Soft Felt base. Dimensions: Length 10", Width 5.5", Base Height 1.75" **A great gift for a special occasion, A special friend or to treat yourself. ** << Free shipping >>

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Greater Los Angeles, CA


My name is Isak Ziegner and I operate a small custom wood shop located in Culver City, on the west side of Los Angeles. I make each item personally and am happy to work with you to find a design that works perfectly for your space! As the child of artists and craftspeople I have been designing, building and dreaming all my life and it continues in my work today. I utilize ethically reclaimed Hawaiian hardwoods that my family is able to reclaim from tree removal services on the island of Oahu. We saw the logs into lumber and slabs with our saw mill and then air dry the wood for 1-3 years depending on thickness. I am a small branch of our family business located in Los Angeles. I welcome inquiries regarding custom items in to the dimensions that will fit your home and your needs.


Reclaimed Hawaiian Hardwood Lamp

Isak in Greater Los Angeles, CA
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Reclaimed Hawaiian Hardwood Lamp
by Isak

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