Organic Homemade Body Scrub

The BACK to the GLO coffee scrub is an organic coffee based scrub. Coffee constricts blood vessels under the skin which helps reduce swelling and de-puffs eyes...

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The BACK to the GLO coffee scrub is an organic coffee based scrub. Coffee constricts blood vessels under the skin which helps reduce swelling and de-puffs eyes. This scrub will help tone, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. While reducing the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and acting as an astringent towards pimples, alleviating blemishes. This scrub is a complexion enhancer and brightens your skin, hence "Back to the Glo". Size: 8oz

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1-2 days
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Staten Island, Ny

ABOUT Jessica

Jessica Coromina, born in Brooklyn , is an entrepreneur and has been working on a homemade organic body scrub for the last four months. The product is called Back to the Glo , which currently is in Coffee and Oatmeal flavored. The scrubs help with exfoliation, keeping your skin smooth, moisturized, reducing cellulite and so much more. She has been selling and distributing the jars of scrub mainly on Staten Island but has had sales as far as Puerto Rico, Florida and Chicago. She has had radio interviews, blog interviews and has attended networking events to market her product. She is pushing to share her product worldwide, to help everyone feel they've got their "Glo" back. Jessica has graduated from the College of Staten Island in '09, her marketing classes assist her, as well as working experience in retail/customer service. She always wanted to own her "own" and her life goals include helping and/or impacting as much people's lives. In the near future she is setting up a "The Glo Club" which will be a club for females for a chance to unwind and network with other females. The club will include scrubbing services, manicures, pastries etc. This will be an opportunity for fellow female entrepreneurs to come and distribute their skills with other entrepreneurs and potential clients. Jessica is also creating an opportunity for clients to book their own scrub parties.


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Organic Homemade Body Scrub
by Jessica

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