Stacked Nopal Cuff

The Nopal cactus or 'Prickly Pear' was the lifeblood of ancient cultures in Mexico and continues to be a popular food and nutritional plant in Mexican culture....

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The Nopal cactus or 'Prickly Pear' was the lifeblood of ancient cultures in Mexico and continues to be a popular food and nutritional plant in Mexican culture. Also, interestingly enough, it is the state plant of Texas. No wonder we are fascinated with the Nopal around here! The Stacked Nopal Cuff is one of our favorite cuffs we've ever made & it's so comfortable that you could easily forget you are wearing it. Don't worry though, someone will remind you. You seriously can't walk out the door wearing this without getting compliments. Designed & completely handmade using age old tools in our East Austin studio. Comfortable low-profile design Slightly adjustable Bronze nopal stackers with an oxidized sterling silver cuff 1.25" width 5.5" cuff size

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Austin, TX

ABOUT Claire Sommers

Claire Sommers Buck Jewelry is is hand produced from start to finish in our lovely (and sometimes messy) East Austin studio. We use traditional jewelry fabrication techniques and materials that are carefully sourced for their quality and genuineness. Inspired by Claire's love of ethnic jewelry, textiles and adornment from around the world, our pieces evoke the essence of ancient relics, but are clean and contemporary in their design. Although we do make multiples in the CSB jewelry line, each piece is slightly imperfect revealing their individuality and personal story. Thank you for stopping by and supporting handmade & local!


Stacked Nopal Cuff

Claire Sommers in Austin, TX
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Stacked Nopal Cuff
by Claire Sommers

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