Honey Jalapeño Challah

A spicy version of the olive oil challah, this jalapeño infused challah is perfect for heat lovers! The slight sweetness from the organic honey complements the...

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A spicy version of the olive oil challah, this jalapeño infused challah is perfect for heat lovers! The slight sweetness from the organic honey complements the spicy smokiness of the jalapeño. Try it smeared with avocado and topped with an egg, or try it as grilled cheese with habanero jack and a tomato. However you decide to enjoy this challah, it won't disappoint! Since we use all organic ingredients and personally mill our whole grain flour from wheat berries fresh to order, you will get the benefits of whole grain wheat and an outstanding taste!

Processing Time:
1-2 days
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Los Angeles


Just like most people, Tamara has always loved bread. After being told that bread is not healthy, she stopped eating it. When she lived in the mountains of Peru after college, she noticed that the staple diet relied heavily on foods such as potatoes and rice. This was interesting to Tamara because the people there were healthy. Intrigued, she wondered why the breads we typically consume are deemed unhealthy. She noticed that wheat is a wholesome food, with a high content of things like protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, these nutrients typically don't transfer to most of the flour on the store shelves let alone the bread we consume. After researching further, she realized that in order for flour to be shelf-stable, the most nutritious part of the wheat has to be extracted, since it contains oils that once broken makes the flour become rancid quickly. Since then, Tamara has been milling her own wheat to make fresh flour for all her baked goods. Nothing is added to the flour, and nothing is extracted. What she found to be the best benefit of her whole grain hand milled flour is the taste!


Honey Jalapeño Challah

Woven in Los Angeles
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Honey Jalapeño Challah
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