Firefly Lights and Mason Jar

Firefly Lights in a Mason Jar for wedding lights, outdoor lightning, rustic lighting and more! These Mason Jar lights are also known as fairy lights or string ...

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Firefly Lights in a Mason Jar for wedding lights, outdoor lightning, rustic lighting and more! These Mason Jar lights are also known as fairy lights or string lights. Details below! *Warm white LED lights *Ball Mason Jar included! Comes fully assembled and done by hand individually for each order. Batteries Included. *Battery Pack will be Velcro-ed under the lid; On/off switch is on this pack *Remember to remove the plastic from inside the battery before operation. *LED lights are Waterproof but battery pack IS NOT. Secure battery pack outside of jar and conceal with ribbon. Our string lights are high quality, and the bulbs last 50,000 hours. Batteries will last 24 hours before significant dimming. Any defects or problems are backed by our customer service policies and I will make sure your issues are resolved quickly Package includes: 1 Mason Jar (16 oz pint. Also available in 32oz)) 1 set of cell batteries, CR2032 included and installed in battery pack 1 meter of wire lights, LED water drop shape. Bulb life 45,000 hours

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1-2 days
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Greater Los Angeles, CA


Hi There! My name is Evan and I am the owner of an online craft shop. I run everything out of my apartment and love what I do. Running a small business is amazing and a craft shop has surprisingly allowed me to be creative and unique. I went to college at a UC and majored in Classics. Naturally, I ended up in Finance. After working for an investment bank, a mortgage company and a government defense contractor, it was time to try my hand at something new. I love working with my hands and wanted to create a business that was just doing that. Now I'm a part owner of a wood shop, and run my own craft store. I'm always open to new ideas, techniques and designs. Check out my store for more about my crafts!


Firefly Lights and Mason Jar

Evan in Greater Los Angeles, CA
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Firefly Lights and Mason Jar
By Evan

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