Black Onyx Gold Cufflinks

These are limited-edition Onyx Cufflinks: Natural Black Onyx is set in your new pair of crystal healing cuff links. Cut from natural rough Onyx, most of the st...

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These are limited-edition Onyx Cufflinks: Natural Black Onyx is set in your new pair of crystal healing cuff links. Cut from natural rough Onyx, most of the stone is dyed to assure uniform blackness. The stone is then highly polished into a 12mm circle cabochon and set in gold-plated cuff links. Each of the Black Onyx cufflinks will vary slightly in color, inclusions and shape due to the natural state of the stones. These Onyx cufflinks will add panache to any formal occasion; just fasten them to your French cuffs and go! You will receive one pair of cufflinks per order, packed in a Kraft I Dig Crystals gift box. Crystal Healing Properties: A powerful protection stone, Onyx healing crystals absorb and transform negative energy to prevent the drain of personal energy. Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress. Black Onyx helps open and balance the Root Chakra, is very grounding, and helps realize material goals. Onyx is a type of Chalcedony. Onyx occurs naturally in black, but is often dyed and highly polished for a more uniform color and a sleek appearance. Measures: approximately 12mm stones Chakra Balancing: Root Chakra

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ABOUT Sheila

My name is Sheila Satin and I'm all about the crystal healing, handmade jewelry and living life. I am the owner of "I Dig Crystals" - the offspring of our family business, Satin Crystals. In 2003, I entered the family business, selling mainly at trade shows and to my late-father's crystal healing students. My interest in crystals grew as I continued to learn and experiment with the different properties of natural stones. The healing aspect of the company became increasingly attractive after I earned my certificate in Crystal Healing Therapy. I am also proud to conduct an Eco-friendly business using natural elements, biodegradable bags and bubble wrap, recycled mailers and sustainable treeless paper. I also maintain the I Dig Crystals Blog, answering crystal healing related questions and informing those who are ready to let go of their limited notions in this vast metaphysical world.


Black Onyx Gold Cufflinks

Sheila in California
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Black Onyx Gold Cufflinks
by Sheila

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