Organic Wax Sachets (Set of 2) - Apricot Freesia

Magnificent blossom flowers and herbs are combined with amazing scents to make a unique tablet sachet. Essential and Fragrant Oils are mixed with Eco Friend...

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Magnificent blossom flowers and herbs are combined with amazing scents to make a unique tablet sachet. Essential and Fragrant Oils are mixed with Eco Friendly Wax along with beautiful botanical elements are then added while the waxes are still liquid at this state. This amazing tablet sachet is then surrounded by floating natural floral and herbs. These exquisite pieces of art are too beautiful to be hidden, leave them in a tray for surrounding aroma and all to admire. They can also freshen up your closet by hanging it or placing it smooth side down in a draw. Tablets can become malleable in high heat temperatures (85+ degrees). -Apricot Freesia -Citrus -Grapefruit Floral -Jasmine -Pink Cocktail Custom Orders Available

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3-5 days
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San Pedro

ABOUT Wild Balm

PROUD TO ANNOUNCE WE WILL BE FEATURED IN WILLOW & SAGE MAGAZINE! I'm so happy to know you... This has been the best time for me creating this business. I have taken all the information and lessons I've learned along the my journey to come to this fantastic company. My belief is in handmade Organic Quality preparation for your products. I love creating and experimenting with different types of oils, butters, waxes and fragrances in combinations to come up with unique products and exciting new scents. Everything listed on our labels you will be familiar with, well-known simple ingredients. Our merchandise has been made with a conscious effort on: • Locally Grown • Organic • Fair Trade All the products are handmade to order for you. Wild Balm Botanicals also provide beautiful Organic Wax Sachets/Tables and Candles that will freshen up and give a decorative look to your surroundings. All our products not only make unique gifts, but they can also be customized. Customer satisfaction is very important to me, but please understand my items are handmade for you at the time of your purchase. ‬Refunds/exchanges are not accepted,‭ ‬unless it is defective.‭ Please contact me immediately the day you receive the defective purchase.


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Organic Wax Sachets (Set of 2) - Apricot Freesia
by Wild Balm

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