Anatomy Mental Maps (Multiple Options)

THE HEART Nobody has tried to reconcile the graphic heart shape with the actual organ, so I did it here. They kinda work together, but for such a simple organ,...

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THE HEART Nobody has tried to reconcile the graphic heart shape with the actual organ, so I did it here. They kinda work together, but for such a simple organ, I’ll admit that this was a challenge. THE EYE The eye is such a strange organ, a soft, yet firm and very delicate light catching machine. This drawing shows the most important anatomical features. THE BRAIN “Noodle”, “Thinking Cap”, “Noggin”. Whatever you call it, this is the entire reason we’ve gotten so far as a civilization. It’s also a fallible piece of anatomy, so it’s wise to treat it with respect and feed it only good stuff. THE GUT Isn’t this fun bathroom art?! I didn’t try to make it funny, but people usually laugh at it. It’s also very accurate. All prints are on 8"x8" letterpress paper in black and white. Please view the photos to see different options.

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THE STORY Archie Archambault is a designer and inventor living between Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York. He started making maps several years ago because nobody else was explaining cities simply and clearly. He is currently seeking new opportunities to make the world a better (or at least more interesting) place. He studied Art and Philosophy at Colorado College, Urban Design at Harvard and Advertising at Wieden+Kennedy. He would like to learn more. Please contact him directly for anything, especially a coffee date. PROCESS Archie visits each city to experience it as a local does. For instance, in Amsterdam he rode a bike and in Los Angeles he drove a car. After discussing and drafting with residents, Archie prints the map on a 19th century letterpress. A simple and perfect map produced on a simple and perfect machine.


Anatomy Mental Maps (Multiple Options)

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Anatomy Mental Maps (Multiple Options)
by Archie's

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