Art Mandala “Stroke of luck” - mandala wall hanging

Almost all nations had images of matrices : the Celts and Russians, Indians and Chinese and so on. You can see a diagram in such icons as "Burning Bush". Span...

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Almost all nations had images of matrices : the Celts and Russians, Indians and Chinese and so on. You can see a diagram in such icons as "Burning Bush". Spanish name of a matrix is "God Eye". People from the East called it Mandala. Psychologists call such a diagram a bio energetic matrix. Matrix is a powerful combination of color, shape, and touch, that turn the full power of your senses on and make you becoming more receptive. My mandala "Stroke of Luck" (45 cm / 18 inch) is like a wooden steering wheel from an old sea sailing. This Mandala was hand made with love, imagination and detail, and is symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable. It will bring good luck into your home or office. All my designs are made with love in a smoke free and pet loving environment. The mandala is made of natural materials and without glue application . Materials: yarn, acrilic, wood.

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1-2 days
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Hagerstown, MD

ABOUT Natalia

Hello everyone! My name is Natalia. Creativity and artwork is an inseparable part of me from my early childhood . I love to create beauty by my hands and see how my handmade creations delight people. My original inspiration came from seeing amazingly similar mandala woven by Tibetans, and I was startling discovery on my part later that same year. These yarn and stick creations had crossed sticks in the basic dimensions of the Christian Cross, with yarn wrapped from stick to stick to make a diamond shaped design . I think they look beautiful, and make really distinctive and original designs to hang on the wall, and your home, your room will not look typical. Yarn mandalas harmonizes the space of your home, connect to one of your different shades of decor color, help you relax and forget about tiredness and bad mood.


Art Mandala “Stroke of luck” - mandala wall hanging

Natalia in Hagerstown, MD

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Art Mandala “Stroke of luck” - mandala wall hanging
by Natalia

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