Professional Ramen at your own home!

It's getting cold. Make delicious Ramen with your loved one within minutes and enjoy it at home! For those who want to make professional Ramen at home, I o...

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It's getting cold. Make delicious Ramen with your loved one within minutes and enjoy it at home! For those who want to make professional Ramen at home, I offer ingredients to make GREAT ramen. You can buy a whole set to create the ramen or buy some of the items you have hard time making at home. They are separated in: Soup - stock, soup base, garlic paste Noodle - 3 types = thin, medium, and thick Topping - chashu(Pork Belly) , soy marinated egg Either you took my Ramen class or not, you can cook professional Ramen at home. NOTE: CHECK MY CLASS SCHEDULE BEFORE YOU ORDER!! Order dates need to be at least 3 days before my Ramen class. Pick up dates are on the day of to 3 days after my Ramen class. Please arrange a pick up date/ time when you order. All of the items except Soy Marinated Egg can be frozen.

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3-5 days
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Downtown San Francisco


I am from Yokohama, Japan, and worked at multi-billion-dollar bio-tech and high-tech companies. I traveled all over the world before switching my career. Before I moved to SF, I didn't realize how many Americans don't know real Japanese food, including its history, why we cook and eat the way we do. I decided to provide the information in the best way I could: by teaching how to cook. In 2004, I moved on to open my catering company, specializing in Japanese and California cuisines to satisfy the needs for an on-site Sushi chef catering. I also opened the first izakaya in San Francisco, Sozai Restaurant and Sake Lounge. Sozai was voted Best Japanese Food San Francisco by Citysearch in 2008. In 2009, I opened Nombe and served as the Managing Culinary Director - it received Top 100 honors from the SF Chronicle, a Michelin Recommended acknowledgement, an SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay Editor's Pick, and was named one of the Top 6 Izakaya (Japanese gastropub) restaurants in the US by Bon Appetit. In 2013, I introduced Ramenburger, which created an enormous buzz. I have been teaching how to make sushi ever since I started my catering company in 2004. I have been making Ramen since I opened restaurant and teaching how to make it since January 2015. It has been a very popular class as Ramen is getting to be known by a lot of people. Currently, I am concentrating on teaching how to cook Japanese food including sushi, ramen, ramenburger, and izakaya bites. I am available for private class, special events (corporate parties, wedding, etc.) as well as Iron chef style Team-building activity using Sushi or Ramen.


Professional Ramen at your own home!

Mari in Downtown San Francisco
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Professional Ramen at your own home!
By Mari

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