5 Christmas hanging Ornaments

You will receive 5 glass ornaments with your purchase. Handmade heirloom ornaments are a great way to spruce up your Christmas tree or share as a gift for your...

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You will receive 5 glass ornaments with your purchase. Handmade heirloom ornaments are a great way to spruce up your Christmas tree or share as a gift for your loved ones. These glass ornaments are lovely hung in your Christmas Tree or displayed hanging in a window and catching the sunlight. Thes ornaments are sturdy and of a durable quality. All of Jason's glass is made completely by him, we don't outsource work to anybody else. Please visit Jason on Facebook to see his latest news and sometimes we share photographs of the current glassmaking process as we create made to order items! -------- I welcome special requests for ornaments in your preferred color so that they match your occasion. (We charge special request colours at cost, which is between $30 - $70 per kilo, depending on your colour choice.)

Processing Time:
1-2 weeks
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Shipping From:
San Francisco, CA


EDITED BRUTALLY SHORTER: “I am a professional glass maker and have worked with glass professionally since 2006. I have extensive experience guiding glassblowing classes, welcoming individual participants as well as groups. I create unique and personalized glass events. Having organized and lead one-off team building glassmaking workshops as well as coaching longterm private students to achieve their glassmaking goals I bring a wide range of experiences & people’s skills to my classes. Twice the hands-on time of any other Bay Area Glassmaking Class & my advanced glassmaking skills combined, make these classes the best value glassmaking experiences available! You can take a look at my resume on my website, Facebook and Instagram where you can also see what past students created and what projects I am currently working on! “ Education: BA in Glass, Glasswork & study experiences in Venice Murano (Italy), Corning & Pilchuck. Recent Artist in Residence in the UK, Visiting glassmaker in Bangkok. <>•<>•<> In a single class with me, Jason, you can create drinking cups, ornaments, cereal-dessert bowls, and sometimes water carafes; you can choose at the beginning of the class which you would like to create and I will assist you to fulfill your ambitions. The classes/workshops are suitable for anybody, there is NO upper age limit! You do not need to be very strong or possess any special skills before you come to a session with me.


5 Christmas hanging Ornaments

Jason in San Francisco, CA
(20 Available)

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5 Christmas hanging Ornaments
by Jason

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