Gift Certificate: Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class in Long Beach, CA!

A gift certificate for a DIY class is an excellent, unique gift idea! Your gift recipient can attend any Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class of their ...

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A gift certificate for a DIY class is an excellent, unique gift idea! Your gift recipient can attend any Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class of their choice on Lindsay's online calendar, and take home 8 oz of bar soap, customized with the recipe, essential oils & in the silicone mold of their choice (2-3 bars, depending on the mold). This 100% hands-on class is for those who want to learn about the cold process method of soap making (bar soap) from start to finish. This is the most popular and easiest method of soap making. We'll cover the following: - the science behind soap making, saponification - lye information & safety (the best safety equipment is provided; I teach how to safely work with lye, so that my students respect it, not fear it) - the materials and ingredients needed and where to get them - how to formulate a soap recipe based on skin care needs (e.g. dry skin, sensitive skin), using a very handy online soap calculator - making the soap and what to do at home afterwards Formulating a balanced recipe is the most important part of soap making, so my goal is for each student to go home feeling very capable & comfortable with the intricacies of the soap calculator. Before making their soap, they'll be able to choose a recipe that is best for their skin type (e.g. more conditioning or bubbly). Other additives will be available to add to their soap, if desired (e.g. honey for extra conditioning, amaranth for exfoliation). Note that it takes at least 2 weeks for soap to cure and be ready for use. Each student will also go home with 6 soap recipes and a thorough, detailed instructional handout, including ingredients, lye info, materials/equipment & suppliers. Everything is provided in the class, as well as some snacks & tea. This class lasts about 2.5 hours and each class is semi-private (2 students per class). What makes Lindsay's DIY (Do-It-Yourself) classes unique? Much more goes into making natural, personal care products than you might think. It's a science! So it is very important that you understand why you are doing something, not just how to do something. Each class begins with discussing the science behind making the product, why certain ingredients are needed & formulating recipes, which is often the hardest part. Then it's time for the hands-on part, making the product with me as your guide. My goals are for you to have fun learning something new & making your product, and that you leave the class with a solid, knowledge foundation that you can build upon. DIY classes are offered by Lindsay at Soap Making Classes & More and take place in downtown Long Beach, CA. Once purchased, please provide an email or phone number so that Lindsay can contact you about how to send the gift certificate or contact her in a message through Verlocal. Gift certificates can be emailed or mailed and recipients have 1 year to redeem them. Please contact Lindsay with any questions. Thank you!

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ABOUT Lindsay

Hi, my name is Lindsay. I am the former owner of Blue Dot Organics based out of San Francisco. I taught a variety of large-group classes in the making of soap, candles, lotion, lip balm and various other body and household natural products. I closed this business in the fall of 2014 and traveled abroad with my husband. We returned to Pacifica, California in the fall of 2015 and I began teaching again, but on a smaller scale until May of 2016. My husband was offered a job in Long Beach; so since July of 2016, I have been offering private classes, as well as semi-private classes on my online calendar, for up to 3 people per class in downtown Long Beach. You can enjoy an informative, fun class tailored to you in a relaxed atmosphere. My Soap Making & Teaching Background: I have been making & learning about natural, body-care products since 2012, when I took my first soap-making class with my sister-in-law in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was so fun that I immediately moved on to lotion, candles, bath bombs & more! I had been a teacher long before learning how to make natural products though, so when I moved to San Francisco in 2013, I decided to mesh my 2 specialty areas and open Blue Dot Organics. I have taught in various capacities ever since I graduated with a Bachelor's in Education in 2006, but I prefer the small-group setting for a more personal experience and so you can get the most out of the class! I hope to meet you soon!


Gift Certificate: Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class in Long Beach, CA!

Lindsay in Long Beach, CA
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Gift Certificate: Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class in Long Beach, CA!
By Lindsay

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