25 Beautiful Things, A Fine Art Coloring Book & Painting Kit

THIS KIT INCLUDES: ONE BOOK OF 25 FINE ART PRINTS FOR YOU TO CUSTOMIZE Luxuriously oversized at 11 in X 17 in Made in Los Angeles in limited editions of 100 ...

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THIS KIT INCLUDES: ONE BOOK OF 25 FINE ART PRINTS FOR YOU TO CUSTOMIZE Luxuriously oversized at 11 in X 17 in Made in Los Angeles in limited editions of 100 books Signed and numbered by the Artist + ONE PAINTING KIT Kit includes a set of 36 watercolors and 6 travel-sized paintbrushes in a sustainably made zippered pouch designed by the artist, printed and sewn in the USA by a woman owned and operated family business. (only 100 made) Be sure to choose Book 1 or Book 2 Free 2 Day Shipping (within the continental United States only) ****** A NOTE FROM THE ARTIST Thanks for being curious about my coloring book. I believe that your creativity is powerful. It’s your birthright -- but, for one reason or another, many of us feel disenfranchised from our creative powers and disconnected from our ability to bring beauty into existence. I created 25 Beautiful Things to help you get it back. Enjoy Color. Enjoy Play. Don’t overthink it. Please don’t worry yourself with being too careful about coloring within the lines. You will see that there is great beauty in the free quality of your strokes. The relaxed joy that you experience in the moment will live on in the work. Try not to make it too precious -- Love what you are up to, but don’t give it so much respect that it becomes intimidating. Make a stand against darkness through acts of beauty, creativity, and refinement. Don’t mistrust beauty. Allow yourself to be pulled along by what you love. Follow it. Run after it at times. Listen for it quietly when you are lost. Take heart in the absolute fact that you will find it again. Sincerely, Anne-Louise Ewen P.s. I’d love to see what you paint. Please share! Find me on Instagram @25BeautifulThings and tag your photos with #25BeautifulThings ******* GETTING STARTED All it takes is some basic art supplies (I recommend the included watercolors) and your own curiosity. No need to worry if you are doing it “right.” You will start to let go of the strangling pressure to be perfect and will feel your mind opening to creative possibilities and spontaneous beauty. Gently remove a page from the book and use whatever art supplies bring you joy (and are compatible with paper) to add color and details. For starters, pick a color that appeals to you and go for it. Play and follow your bliss. Consider this: If you’re not going to take a risk with a coloring book, when will you? Remember, in the arts, you do not need anyone’s permission or approval. No gatekeeper can keep you from your creative joy. What feels right for you is right for you. Consider hanging your completed artwork where you can see it in your day to day life. Let the sense of delight that you put into making it live on in the work and become an everyday part of your life -- and a part of the lives of everyone who comes into contact with you. WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT 25 MORE BEAUTIFUL THINGS? "This was a bit of an investment for me, but I still recommend 25 Beautiful Things because I think it makes you take time and just enjoy the moment as you paint. I think it also builds confidence when you see the end result." "This is just what I needed!" "I love the size and the images. I'm not into the adult coloring books where you're filling a tiny square..." "Doing this is so relaxing and fun. Whenever I need a pick me up, I'm just going to take out my book and paint." "I feel empowered." "Once we tried it we wanted to paint page after page."

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ABOUT Anne-Louise

Los Angeles based Artist Anne-Louise Ewen is a lifelong painter and creator of 25 Beautiful Things, A Fine Art Coloring Book for Adults. 25 Beautiful Things is more to me than a coloring book - it’s a revitalizing creative revolution. I launched 25 Beautiful Things in 2015 at The Unique LA Market and have lead empowering workshops using my books and kits at conferences, camps, lifestyle boutiques, and co-working spaces including Facebook LA, AirBnb, The Unique CAMP, and Mar Vista Art Dept. Participants share their painted pages with #25BeautifulThings and @25BeautifulThings on Instagram. I appreciate your interest in my books and I am honored to have a place in your creative journey.


25 Beautiful Things, A Fine Art Coloring Book & Painting Kit

Anne-Louise in Los Angeles, CA
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25 Beautiful Things, A Fine Art Coloring Book & Painting Kit
by Anne-Louise

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