Formula N°5 Sun Tan Oil

100% Organic . Vegan . Artisanal product 4 oz Designed with a natural combination of oils that moisturize and protect the skin, while giving you a gorgeous t...

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100% Organic . Vegan . Artisanal product 4 oz Designed with a natural combination of oils that moisturize and protect the skin, while giving you a gorgeous tan. Contains natural SPF 35+. Can be used as a skin moisturizer, hair treatment and insect repellent due to the nourishing properties behind its oils. Ingredients Lavender essential oil Red raspberry Seed Oil Carrot Seed Oil Raw virgin Coconut Oil Vitamin E How to Apply Spray and rub gently over the areas of your body you wish to tan, avoiding the eyes. Allow the oil to soak into your skin for a few minutes before you lay to get a gorgeous tan. For better results, re-apply after two hours or more frequently if you are in the water. Please note: It is normal for the Sun Tan Oil to liquify at approximately 80° - 90° F and to solidify below 80° F . This will have no negative effect on its quality.

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ABOUT Baiser

Baiser is a natural luxury skin care & beauty line handcrafted in Miami Beach with 100% certified organic ingredients, founded by two women with a passion for nature and consciousness. Baiser (pronounced Bee-z) was born Summer 2014, with the intent of being an eco-conscious and pure beauty brand that would bring awareness to consumers around the world about respecting nature, ourselves and all living beings. We grew up in families with strong Mayan heritage, that paid tremendous respect to the planet. It was more than common to seek healing from our great-grandmothers natural recipe book. Our collection of makeup and skin care provides a holistic approach to beauty. Every product has healing, nourishing and restorative properties, that balance our mind, body and spirit. Our formulas are based on ancient natural recipes and natural remedies from our ancestors the Maya, which have been in our families for generations. All of our products are handcrafted, cruelty free, chemical/toxic free and vegan friendly. We develop clean and beautiful formulas for everyday basic needs, using the highest quality 100% certified organic plant-based, aroma-therapeutic grade ingredients that restore skin cells, and align our chakras.


Formula N°5 Sun Tan Oil

Baiser in Miami
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Formula N°5 Sun Tan Oil
by Baiser

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