SuperGrip (Starter) Hula Hoop - (42" OD 160PSI)

If you're new to hooping and you're looking for a hula hoop to start with, then you're at the right place! Our Starter Hoops are larger and heavier, so this ma...

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If you're new to hooping and you're looking for a hula hoop to start with, then you're at the right place! Our Starter Hoops are larger and heavier, so this makes it easier to learn on. These hoops are also a great way to build core strength, increase stamina, and balance and coordination. ------------------------------------------ Want custom colors and/or custom size? Email us! ------------------------------------------ Top 3 Reasons To Hoop Everyday There are many reasons why you should hula hoop every day, but these are a few things to consider and remember when you do. :) 1) Hooping makes you smarter! Yes, this activity actually increases your cognitive capacity. For example, your sustained attention, speed of information processing, working memory, and pattern recognition. When we're hooping and flowing differently each time, our brain creates new neural connections that allows us to grow and adapt. 2) Reduces stress and depression. When you're hooping, your brain releases a chemical messenger called dopamine that basically tells your body to be happy. Dopamine is also known as the pleasure system of the brain that provide feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate us to do or continue doing. Anytime I catch myself feeling down, I grab my hoop, turn on my favorite song and hoop for that entire song. One or two songs usually does the trick, but I always end up hooping for more than that. :) 3) Builds confidence. Hooping encourages your body to open up in ways you probably have never thought of before. Even if you're just waist hooping, your stance has to be open enough to move the hoop all around your body. Eventually it becomes a domino effect, so once your body feels confident to move around, it's only an uphill climb from there! Your body will start to release it's inhibition and move more freely. ------------------------------------------ HIGH-QUALITY TAPES | MAXIMUM GRIP | MAXIMUM SUCCESS Sizing Advice 7 days a week 8am - 8pm PST. Just call! (714) 299-8035

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Anaheim California

ABOUT Melissa

Welcome to our flow group!! We are one of the biggest hula hoop manufacturers in California, located in Orange County. We have designated part of our shop as a studio to host all kinds of workshops and flow jams where everyone can come try out new things and play to your heart's content. We offer mostly beginner classes, and from time to time we will have guest instructors from cross country and across the world teaching unique forms of flow. - Hula Hoops - Poi - Fans - Staff - Rope Dart - Fire Props in the very near future. ;) Have a question? Contact us on Verlocal messaging! ❥ Melissa & Tony


SuperGrip (Starter) Hula Hoop - (42" OD 160PSI)

Melissa in Anaheim California
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SuperGrip (Starter) Hula Hoop - (42" OD 160PSI)
by Melissa

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