Topiary Natural Perfume

I became fascinated by topiary a couple of years ago. I'd always eschewed it, thinking it ridiculous. Now I think it's ridiculousness is part of its charm. The...

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I became fascinated by topiary a couple of years ago. I'd always eschewed it, thinking it ridiculous. Now I think it's ridiculousness is part of its charm. The mere fact that people go about trimming their shrubbery into geometric shapes thrills me. I fell in love with the white champa leaf, a soft green note with delicate floral undertones. I paired that with a lovely petitgrain sur fleurs for the opening of the fragrance. I wanted to use a white flower in the heart so chose the gorgeous coffee flower and added a greener nuance to it with genet. Rhododendron leaf was a surprise to me, very fresh and somewhat citrusy but with more tenacity than I would have expected. The base of the perfume is an earthy combination of agarwood co2 with mitti, an attar of baked earth just after the rains begin. It gives off an earthy note with a tinge of ozone. A drop of Africa stone added an indolic depth to the otherwise lighthearted blend, as well as opening up the white coffee flower heart. Top notes: white champa leaf, petitgrain sur fleurs Heart notes: coffee flower, rhododendron leaf, genet Base notes: agarwood co2, mitti attar, africa stone This perfume comes beautifully packaged in a brown velvet envelope in a gold box with a velvet millinery leaf nestled inside. The leaf is your keepsake, that and the lingering fragrance. 15ml Please note that my shipping materials are often reused or recycled. They may not be beautiful but they reduce waste (which is a beautiful thing).

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ABOUT Julianne

Growing up in her mother’s garden in the midwest, Julianne Zaleta was always gathering flowers, drying blossoms, conjuring scents and mixing soaps. So it’s not surprising that she grew up to become a professional perfumer, aromatherapist and herbalist. Sole proprietor of her own company, Alchemologie Natural Perfume, for years she has handcrafted artisanal scents & potions from the purest elements of nature. Julianne has trained with Mandy Aftel, Michael Scholes and Jeanne Rose and is a certified aromatherapist as well as a meditation teacher. Her products are handmade in her studio atelier in Brooklyn, NY.


Topiary Natural Perfume

Julianne in Brooklyn, NY
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Topiary Natural Perfume
by Julianne

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