Wildflower Reversible Bibs

Our unique bibs are made to enhance your little ones' outfits. Each one is carefully made with the highest quality and attention to detail. We hope that our bi...

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Our unique bibs are made to enhance your little ones' outfits. Each one is carefully made with the highest quality and attention to detail. We hope that our bibs will become heirloom pieces to treasure and cherish. The WILDFLOWER bib comes in a round shaped design with soft purple florals on one side, and a solid color on the other. It is trimmed with pom pom fringe and has natural cotton braided string ties. The size is approximately 7.5 in x 8 in, without the ties. One size fits most. It will fit a little big on a newborn and a little small on a one-year-old. There will be slight variations including but not limited to color and placement of fabric & trims. Care: machine wash with cold water & lay flat to dry. iron well.

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1-3 days
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Vancouver, WA


We are a family owned business operating up in the Pacific Northwest. We are proudly making and selling reversible bibs online. It all started when our little baby girl, Esme, was born. We had an idea to create a one of a kind bib. We didn’t like putting on bibs that would cover up her pretty outfits, especially when we would go out to church on Sundays or other special events. We wanted the bib to look like a part of her romper, dress or any outfit, instead of looking, well, like a bib. We spent a lot of time searching for pretty bibs and most of them were basic or plain. Our bibs are completely different than anything out in the market.To make our bibs affordable and cost-effective we decided to make them reversible, making two bibs in one. These are great for a special event, a first birthday or as part of your baby's every day outfit. In addition to our wide selection of bibs, we also offer other well made accessories such as reversible peter-pan collars, bows and headbands . We love creating every piece with the highest quality and attention to detail in hopes that it will become a treasured heirloom for you.


Wildflower Reversible Bibs

Roman in Vancouver, WA
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Wildflower Reversible Bibs
by Roman

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