Wooden Sunglasses: LEGA Collection (Redwood)

With highly stylized lines and curves, this frame evokes the subtle forms of the modern woman, magnifying the eyes of those who use them. Our frames are made ...

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With highly stylized lines and curves, this frame evokes the subtle forms of the modern woman, magnifying the eyes of those who use them. Our frames are made of plywood to give it strength and flexibility. Are completely finished by hand and treated with a mixture of oils and waxes that provide durability and weather-ability. 62 hours of work are needed since wood is delicately cut and treated until it becomes a unique piece. WOOD: Red FITTINGS: Black LENS: Grey Polarized. SIZE: (width/height/arm) 140*48*142mm REF: LA2RDRDF04BKGRPWD

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ABOUT Mistura

Our wooden watches are hand crafted from wood and other renewable resources. Mistura offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Our exotic and unique watches are configured to the specific requirements of our customers. From white leather straps to teak surrounds, from striking orange hands to subtle wooden dials, we offer something for every taste. Every wooden watch is lovingly handcrafted to our precise requirements and subject to the strictest quality controls. We have achieved an ultimately unique watch by mixing sustainability, sophistication, and style. Mistura's ethos is 'as nature intended...' therefore the basis of our designs stems from the alliance of art with nature. It is the entwining of fashion and art that makes Mistura wooden watches truly exotic and exceptional. Our watches do not only enhance the environment around us through their sustainable construction, but the designs themselves draw their inspiration from the striking natural beauty that is prevalent in Colombia. It is the harnessing of such inspiration that enables us to transform our wooden watches into exotic masterpieces. Purchase a Mistura wooden watch for oneself or as a gift for a loved one and carry a piece of nature with you forever.


Wooden Sunglasses: LEGA Collection (Redwood)

Mistura in Dallas
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Wooden Sunglasses: LEGA Collection (Redwood)
by Mistura

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