Bike Repair Services

WHY HYBRID PEDALS? Only at Hybrid Pedals can you test ride a number of different electric bikes, allowing you to confidently choose the best bike for your nee...

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WHY HYBRID PEDALS? Only at Hybrid Pedals can you test ride a number of different electric bikes, allowing you to confidently choose the best bike for your needs based on hands-on experience. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are available to answer your questions and help you find the bike that’s “just right”. By buying from Hybrid Pedals you are assured that any future repairs will be performed by people with ample experience and access to any parts needed to get the job done right. Hybrid Pedals has the expertise and manufacturer relationships to ensure that you get the very best bikes for whatever applications you may have in mind.

Flat Tire Repair (Non-Electric)
$25, 15 Minutes
Flat Tire Repair (Electric)
$45, 15 Minutes
Adjust Brakes
$25, 15 Minutes
Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed
$80, 30 Minutes
Adjust Gears
$25, 15 Minutes
Install Accessories
$20, 15 Minutes
Mini Tune Up
$69, 30 Minutes
Tune Up
$149, 45 Minutes
Tune Up Special
$199, 45 Minutes
Assemble and Tune Up
$129, 30 Minutes


ABOUT Hybrid Pedals

Hybrid Pedals is an electric bicycle store, built on the belief that people still want personal service from knowledgeable sales people, especially when making an electric bike purchase. We understand that, with so many options to choose from, this isn’t the type of thing people will simply buy online. Savvy buyers want to “try before they buy”, and so we stocked our store with bikes from several quality manufacturers, allowing customers to take test rides, get their questions answered and confidently choose an electric bike that they’ll enjoy for years to come.


Bike Repair Services

Hybrid Pedals in Baltimore, MD, United States
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Bike Repair Services
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