Hygge Photo Sessions

As you probably know, Hygge is the Danish word for "coziness"; as I've seen it explained, it means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in l...

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As you probably know, Hygge is the Danish word for "coziness"; as I've seen it explained, it means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life, with good people. The purpose of these sessions, which are the price of a regular family session, is to capture the warmth and light of us north-dwellers in the midst of the season that shapes our hardy spirit and resilience. Each session will offer both indoor and outdoor options; my grand plan is to play around in the winter air for awhile, and then head back home to drink hot cocoa, play a favorite family game, or put on PJs and snuggle up with a good book. Basically I want to get people to embrace having their photos taken during the winter, so they can have beautiful memories of their life even when it's cold outside. We are Minnesotans, after all!

$300, 120 Minutes


ABOUT Rachel

Hi! My name is Rachel Jackson. I'm a natural light photographer who loves to do all things outdoors, in the fresh air. I've been doing photography since college, when I received my first fancy DSLR camera as a birthday gift from my parents. What started out as a hobby has grown into a beautiful business that has brought me on many adventures and given me the chance to meet countless authentic, wonderful people across the country. I am all about creating candid, spontaneous photos that capture real life as it happens. If you are someone who likes to go off-trail, walk through the weeds, get a little dirt on your hands, and appreciates the art of a funny face, then I'm your girl. I want to represent you, your family, your baby, your dog, your home, and your special occasion as they actually are, so that years from now you can look back on your photos and remember that crazy face your son made when he was just learning to smile, or your daughter's love of digging in the mud and getting it all over herself, or your family's out-of-control tickle fests. I capture the laughter and the tears, the love and the joy. Imperfections and flaws are more than welcome: they are required. Come as you are.


Hygge Photo Sessions

Rachel in Minneapolis, MN, United States
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Hygge Photo Sessions
By Rachel

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Hygge Photo Sessions
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