Natural Breast Milk Soap Making

Learn to create your own natural soap made from your milk! What better way to bathe your baby? Making Soap the Hot Process Way is the first level of learnin...

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Learn to create your own natural soap made from your milk! What better way to bathe your baby? Making Soap the Hot Process Way is the first level of learning to hand craft your own natural soap so your baby may bathe with your own luxurious milk. Choose from natural vegetable butters, oils and/or herbs to infuse into your soap. If you so wish, you may learn how to infuse your breast milk into your soap creation. During your private session you will learn how to create your own natural soap using the hot process method of saponification. You will receive detailed step by step instructions on how to create natural soap. All sessions are held on Saturday evenings from 5:30-8:30 p.m. or if you have chosen an in home session it will be from the hours of 11:00-1:30 p.m. *Children and pets can not participate in the session and must be kept away from the process since participants and the instructor will be working with sodium hydroxide.

At a Brooklyn Studio
$275, 240 Minutes
In your Home
$350, 240 Minutes


ABOUT Marshalla

Marshalla Ramos-Inde, M.A. in Education; has been studying natural skin care soaping methods for over ten years. She is the business owner of Bubbly Moon Naturals,LLC, a children's book author and teacher. She is passionate about natural ingredients that promote clean and smooth skin and has a strong sense for handcrafting soap using traditional herbs along with fruits and vegetables. Come join her in learning the age old traditions of soap making in an artistic environment with other hand crafters in the historic neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant!


Natural Breast Milk Soap Making

Marshalla in Manhattan, NY, United States
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Natural Breast Milk Soap Making
By Marshalla

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Natural Breast Milk Soap Making
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