Massage Therapy

Thai Therapy $130/ 60 minutes Thai massage (done without oil) activating pressure points through stretching and use traditional Th...

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Thai Therapy $130/ 60 minutes Thai massage (done without oil) activating pressure points through stretching and use traditional Thai massage techniques to relax and reinvigorate mind, body and soul. Siam Fusion $130/ 60 minutes Combination of eastern and western style with stretching techniques. Recommended for those who like medium - strong pressure. Aromatherapy Massage $120/ 60 minutes A relaxing massage with light to medium pressure uses essential oil to promote calm and harmony. Acupressure Therapy $130/ 60 minutes This treatment is designed to heal those parts of the body that need, Acupressure points are stimulated, release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood and enhance the body's life force energy to aid healing. Thai Herbal Therapy $130/ 60 minutes Thai therapeutic followed by a Thai herbal compress. Perfect to smooth and relax muscle aches and pains. Concentrated Therapy $75/ 30 minutes Stress-relieving massage concentrated on neck, back, and shoulders. Foot and Hand Reflexology $75/ 30 minutes Detoxify and release toxins and blockages from the body. Reiki Full Session $100/ 60 minutes Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The practitioner transfers healing energy by placing her hands on or above the recipient who lies fully clothed on a massage table. 4-Hands Massage $240/ 60 minutes Our signature Thai-Swedish massage, performed by two of our massage therapists. An indulgence that is worth every moment. Hot Stone Massage $130/ 60 minutes Smooth warm stones are placed onto Chakra points and integrated into a treatment whose purpose is to foster well being, deliver deep relaxation and reduce stress overall. Couples Massage $220/ 60 minutes Perfect for couples who want to get treatment together, this treatment is classic Swedish massage techniques. Relaxing Massage (Swedish ) $110/ 60 minutes Thai oil massage with Swedish massage techniques to promote relaxation with light to medium pressure. Ideal for jet lag. NEW! Bamboo Massage $130/ 60 minutes Deep tissue massage great for treating stiff muscles—uses bamboo rods to release tension and relaxes the body overall. Scalp Massage $65/ 30 minutes Scalp massage therapists use fingers to rub the base of the scalp beneath the hair, sides of the head, forehead, hairline, chin, neck, upper back and shoulders.

Thai Therapy
$130, 60 Minutes
Siam Fusion
$130, 60 Minutes
Aromatherapy Massage
$120, 60 Minutes
Acupressure Therapy
$130, 60 Minutes
Thai Herbal Therapy
$130, 60 Minutes
Concentrated Therapy
$75, 30 Minutes
Foot and Hand Reflexology
$75, 30 Minutes
Reiki Full Session
$100, 60 Minutes
4-Hands Massage
$240, 60 Minutes
Hot Stone Massage
$130, 60 Minutes
Couples Massage
$220, 60 Minutes
Relaxing Massage (Swedish )
$110, 60 Minutes
NEW! Bamboo Massage
$130, 60 Minutes
Scalp Massage
$65, 30 Minutes



Located in midtown Manhattan, Lek Spa is the premier destination for Thai massage and Wellness in New York City. Also offering five-star treatments for skin care and body by a team of dedicated licensed professionals


Massage Therapy

LEK SPA in Manhattan, NY, United States
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Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy
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