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Abhayanga a-bh-yan-ga (Ayurvedic Body Massage with Herbal Oils) 30 Min $65 Abhyanga is a very beneficial body treatment. Oils and strokes are chosen accord...

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Abhayanga a-bh-yan-ga (Ayurvedic Body Massage with Herbal Oils) 30 Min $65 Abhyanga is a very beneficial body treatment. Oils and strokes are chosen according to body type and body condition. Some of the benefits of abhyanga are: · Reverses, prevents aging and increases longevity. · Removes fatigue and stress from work and life overall. · Promotes good vision. · Nourishes the body and promotes sturdiness. · Relieves insomnia. · Oil rubbed into the skin prevents dehydration and strengthens the nerves. Vishesh ( Deep Ayurvedic Massage) 60 Min $125 Vishesh means special. This is deeper version of Ayurvedic Massage, done with warm herbal oils. Vigorous and rythmic strokes are used to remove adhesions in the muscle and connective tissue. It is helpful for soothing sore, tired or aching muscles, stiff joints. It dissloves and cleanses ama (toxins) from the tissues, improves blood circulation, helps in joint mobility and lymphatic flow. Balancing for Kapha and Pitta Doshas. Elakizhi (Heated Herbal Poultice Massage) 60 Min $135 The heated muslin parcel of aromatic herbs and spices (popularly known as Elakizhi in Ayurveda) is a heavenly Ayurvedic treatment. It is unchanged since ages and is still used to alleviate pain by opening the pores and bringing a medicinal heat to the muscles to induce relaxation. Abhyanga-Gharshana (Ayurvedic Massage & Silk Gloves Exfoliation) 60 Min $115 This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment, featuring a dry lymphatic skin brushing with a silk glove, followed by herbal oil treatment. The brushing (garshana) increases circulation, cleans the skin and stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins, so herbal oil treatment penetrates deeply. Marma Abhyanga Massage 60 Min $125 This treatment manipulates and massages various marmas or energy pressure points in the body. The Marmas are said to be the junctions of body and mind. Abhayanga massage is done on these points with specific massage oils or powders based on the constitution of the person. Chakra Balancing 60 Min $140 Chakras, the seven energy centers are aligned along the spine and are responsible for dispensing energy to all the body's tissues through 72000 seperate channels. These energy centers are basis of all the Yoga systems. When Chakras are balanced, we feel healthy and capable, but when out of balance, they are the cause of ailments. This treatment starts with very low pitch Ckahra chanting and then followed by subtle massage to balance the Chakras. Ayurvedic Massage oils, essentials oils and colorful Chakra gem stones are used for this treatment. Some of the benefits are - balances body's life enegy, brings sense of self, positive energy, positive feelings and deep relaxation. Shila-abhyanga (Ayurvedic Hot Stones Massage) 60 Min $125 Shila-abhyanga is Ayurvedic version of Hot stone Massage. It starts with body oil massage and then followed by hot stone massage. Heated stones, wrapped in warm, moist cloth are rubbed all over the body. Stones also help penetrate the oil deep in the tissue, open the pores and relax the tissue. Few of the benefits of Shila-abhyanga are - Relieves pain and moisturizes, hydrates and detoxifies the body tissue; cleans, tones and conditions muscle tissues. Pre-Natal Massage 60 Min $115 The practices of massage, yoga asanas and meditation help in the proper development of the fetus. Massage also provides relaxation, promotes flexibility and facilitates an easy delivery. Post-partum Massage 60 Min $95 A woman’s body undergoes a lot of physical and mental strain during the process of delivery. Postpartum massage helps the new mother’s body to recognize itself and to relax, thus promoting a quick recovery. Regular massage with oil can help the muscles regain their natural shape after delivery. Indian Head Massage 30 Min $75 Indian head massage is a unique treatment. It concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders, which are important energy centers within the body. The effects are not just physical but on the emotional level as well by calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress. In addition to healthy hair growth, other benefits of Head Massage include more restful sleep, more energy and mental clarity and improvement in concentration. Pada-abhyanga (Lower legs & Foot massage) 30 Min $75 A very stimulating massage of the lower legs and the feet to activate the acupressure points. It is very soothing to the eyes, alleviates burning of the eyes, induces deep sleep, improves luster of the skin, smoothens cracked skin of the feet, relieves tiredness of the feet.

Abhayanga a-bh-yan-ga (Ayurvedic Body Massage with Herbal Oils)
$65, 30 Minutes
Vishesh ( Deep Ayurvedic Massage)
$125, 60 Minutes
Elakizhi (Heated Herbal Poultice Massage)
$135, 60 Minutes
Abhyanga-Gharshana (Ayurvedic Massage & Silk Gloves Exfoliation)
$115, 60 Minutes
Chakra Balancing
$140, 60 Minutes
Shila-abhyanga (Ayurvedic Hot Stones Massage)
$125, 60 Minutes
Pre-Natal Massage
$115, 60 Minutes
Post-partum Massage
$95, 60 Minutes
Indian Head Massage
$75, 30 Minutes
Pada-abhyanga (Lower legs & Foot massage)
$75, 30 Minutes


ABOUT New York Ayurveda

New York Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center is one of the East Coast's only full service Ayurvedic wellness centers, specializing in Ayurvedic diagnosis and constitutional evaluation, herbal treatments; Abhayanga, Marma (energy) point massage, Shirodhara and Bastis, facial treatments, Panchakarma therapies and overall health management, using the principles of Ayurveda. Our mission is to work with our clients in offering Ayurvedic treatments that can be easily incorporated into any schedule, budget and lifestyle. We try to help you work with Ayurvedic and Yogic practices to achieve the perfect balance between health and harmony. In addition to our treatments, we also carry traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulations, Herbal oils and some skin care products that can be used in conjunction with managing your overall health.


Body Treatments

New York Ayurveda in New York, NY, United States
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Body Treatments
By New York Ayurveda

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