Discovery Breathwork Session

San Francisco, CA , United States

About Your Host

Hi, my name is Benjamin. I am a holistic consciousness expansion coach with training in energy, intuition, and health and wellness. It is my life purpose to bring healing to those who don't have a voice. Through Discovery Breathwork, I am able to help people learn who they truly are. Winding throughout our perceived time and even more indefinitely, Universal Intelligence is the foundation on which all of what we think we know is built. Universal Intelligence encompasses all things, as everything is energy or even grander, everything is thought. Understanding this is to be alive, and to be alive is to be All Knowing. Sublimity is your innate inner nature, breathe it out and into the open to reveal that we are all, in fact, created the same, perfect.

What we'll do

Introducing Discovery Breathwork. The conscious control of breath is meant to influence the mental, emotional and physical states. When you go into your subconscious mind, your body begins to become aware of the lies or untruths your ego tells you. These untruths can manifest in different ways, such as illness, negative life patterns, addictions or feeling unfulfilled. During this session, you will discover, in a very tangible way, where these subconscious blocks may be causing problems in your life. You may feel sensations in the body -the location representing a limiting belief or self-doubt. It can be confronting to go to the root of the complications in your life, but most find the root cause to be something that wasn’t theirs, to begin with. Limiting beliefs from before show up as reactions today, or how you react to something that triggered you. A common misconception being: you can’t clear the trigger, so change how you react to it... Instead of learning how to change your reaction, why not clear the belief at its root. Here are the some of the things you will experience at the breathwork session event: - Relaxation - Energy work - Creative exploration - Cognitive improvement - Intuitive connection - Breaking of destructive habits - Ending self-sabotage - Understanding death and loss - Overcoming self-doubt - Mood boosting - Anxiety relief - Healing - And so much more… How does it work? Through guided meditation, breathwork, energy tools, energy work, powerful music, beautiful smells, and positive affirmations, you will be able to go deeper than ever before so you can learn things about yourself that you didn’t have the courage to face alone, but together we can face them. This specific type of breathwork will help you learn the truth about your limiting beliefs and self-doubts. Clearing these old beliefs and doubts are your keys to successfully using the Law of Attraction. We know you have been wondering why it doesn't always work. We have been there too. In this 2-3 hour session, you will be handed the keys to your subconscious mind, finally allowing you to open the door and claim your life. Together we get to go into the subconscious mind and really spring clean the old in favor of the healthier new.



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