Wait a Green Minute - Your Life Energy Manager Coaching Session

Alameda, CA , United States

About Your Host

Passionate about the work I love to do!! Creator of Wait a Green Minute. I am your Life Energy Manger. My focus is on mindfulness strategies that lead every individual to a drama -free life in order to strengthen and enhance personal well-being, leadership development and positive relationships building; Turning perceived obstacles into your greatest opportunities.

What we'll do

" A Drama Free Life" right now by locating the inner winner in you! Reaching your highest potential, and your best self that's already within you is the goal. Locating your personal inner peace for well-being is the main activity at each Wait a Green Minute event. As your "life energy manager" material and activities will be provided and presented that will assist you in harnessing your wellness, gaining self-control, and self-empowerment. Upon your confirmed paid registration for the class a 30 minute personalized pre-assessment will be sent to each paying participant electronically. Your personalized assessment should be brought to the workshop for a more detailed discussion with you about you. Additionally all you need to bring to the workshop is a notebook, and yourself. You will walk away with beneficial life tools, added self-confidence, and improved self-esteem that illuminates and brings forth your sense of inner peace. The tools taught will improve your personal and career relationships creating a lifestyle practice to be shared. Enhancing all that you do, or plan to do.



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    $149 USD

    per person

    $149 USD

    per person