Private SFPT Weekend Warriors Training

SFPT training program encompasses a unique philosophy based around training movements required for your sport alongside providing strength to support those mov...

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SFPT training program encompasses a unique philosophy based around training movements required for your sport alongside providing strength to support those movements. We are the Bay areas elite training program provided to those who seek an active life and want to feel better, look better or perform better. Our specialist staff have all worked at the highest levels in international and franchise sports and achieved amazing success. SFPT now provides these specialist coaches to support you and your needs. No matter what your activity level is we now offer an exclusive service to you, providing you with your very own support team of the best specialists working towards your goals and personal expectations. We get our people from point A to point B and have fun on the journey along the way. Other amazing people will surround you during your training experience with us and our team environment emulates the culture and cohesion that has provided us with success at the highest levels. Our Family environment provides you with a network of new friends and an educational experience to learn why and how you will improve longevity, master your mindset, and improve athletic performance while having a lot of fun with us at SFPT. We provide the latest training techniques in sports performance and rehabilitation to keep abreast of our competitors and provide you the best personalized training system available.

$150, 60 Minutes



Simon is a performance specialist who has worked with professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, Rugby, Rugby League, AFL, MMA, World Tour and Big Wave Surfing, Olympic Sports and the US Special Forces. Originally from New Zealand, Simon grew up on a farm, playing rugby and surfing in the South Pacific Ocean and as a result has a unique understanding of functional strength and rotational human movement. His 15 year journey through professional sporting and elite tactical environments has resulted in global recognition for his expertise in movement training and rehabilitation where his commitment to keeping athletes motivated and energetic while executing a cutting edge strength and conditioning program. Simon consistently delivers results alongside his infectious passion and enthusiasm for training people. Clients like working with Simon because he is a dynamic teacher who is extremely skillful at developing specific and individualized performance programs applicable to their needs. 
Due to Simons experience at the highest level he understands the dynamics of how teams/groups function both on and off the field, he has harnessed this cohesion and culture and delivers this environmental experience to his current cliental.


Private SFPT Weekend Warriors Training

SIMON in San Francisco, CA, United States
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Private SFPT Weekend Warriors Training

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Private SFPT Weekend Warriors Training
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