Crystal Bowls Sound Bath & Guided Meditation

Lynnwood, WA , United States

About Your Host

I was born and raised in California, lived in the Chicago area for approximately 15 years, lived a few years in the Seattle area and made it full circle back home to California. I worked in the medical field as an ophthalmic assistant for many years and have been involved in Energy Medicine (alternative healing therapies) for over 20 years; studying, learning, practicing, sharing. I am an intuitive, trained in hypnotherapy, a certified Reiki Master, creative artist, & author of "For Real? Leap of faith...courage required!" (available thru amazon) a delightful and charming book that guides one to connect with their intuition to live a self-empowered and inspired life. I work with women to help them experience deeper states of relaxation, joy, wellbeing, & peace, to promote deeper levels of self awareness, healing, personal transformation, & connection to the voice of their creative feminine spirit & inner wisdom (intuition). I also create inspirational typography & art prints available for instant download through my website ( to create original personalized prints and gifts.

What we'll do

Relax into the healing tones of singing crystal bowls and be guided into an inner journey of relaxation & soothing calmness to support wellness, energy clearing, healing, and balancing of body, mind, & spirit. Vibrational sound therapy is the application of sound waves to the body to encourage cellular reorganization, health, and well-being, through the principle of resonance. The notes of the crystal bowls used for this therapy are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies found within the human body. When the bowls are played, the sound penetrates into the cells of the body which stimulates the cells towards a state of balance. This is an experiential experience in which you will be guided into a state of relaxation. As you rest comfortably on foam cushions, and as you allow yourself to move into deeper states of relaxation, your body will bathe in the healing tones of the crystal bowls & soothing music. Various crystals/gemstones will also be available for use for those who would like to further enhance their experience with crystal grid layouts. The guided meditation and vibrational sound therapy session will last approximately 45 minutes. Dress comfortably to allow for maximum relaxation. Blankets & pillows will be available for use. Private sessions available upon request.



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    $40 USD

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    $40 USD

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