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About Your Host

Natasha Dikareva was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine and also studied in St. Petersburg, Russia during the hey-day of Soviet power. The genre of Soviet realism permeated Dikareva's young creative life. The narrow standard of approved art inadvertently pushed Dikareva to develop her own symbolic language. In 1995, an opportunity arose to move to the U.S. where Dikareva continued to pursue a vocabulary in ceramics at various studios in Minneapolis. After receiving her MFA from the University of Minnesota, Dikareva expanded her vision and embraced the notion of being an Eastern European artist. Now in San Francisco, a microcosmic universe continues to flourish within Dikareva's work. Students are constantly evolving into new or different levels of technical or conceptual proficiency. Each level is important and deserves specific attention at specific times. A primary goal of beginning class is to gain a toolbox of skills that students will use in various ways. As students enter more advanced understanding of a task of art making there is a transition from an external structure of the course to one of self-discipline. Students are challenged to push their limits from the way they feel familiar. Through creative experiments, student should sieve as much information as possible in order to find their voice. The student's spirit of curiosity and discovery continuously refreshes my own imagination. Teaching and learning between a teacher and a student is mutually reinforcing. I try to work with students at the pace they require. I respond to challenges.

What we’ll do

Fundamentals of Clay Sculpting The workshop is suited for people either new to ceramic sculpture or looking to improve their ceramic skills. The course is centered on fundamental principles of clay sculpting. Wherever you feel comfortable is where we begin. Any subject matter — whether “traditional” or “your own” — is acceptable. Small group size allows for individualized instruction. The workshop covers: concept development symbolic expressions hand-building techniques including pinch, slab, press molding, and coil modeling texture glazing techniques including under-glazes, engobes, and glaze application The Masterpiece In this workshop, you will not only learn, but also create a piece of artwork that is yours to keep! Bring an idea to start with or we’ll create one that suits you. Teapots, masks, busts, reliefs, animals, abstractions, buildings and everything in between. All sculptures will be glazed and fired as needed. 2 Classes This workshop is an ongoing 2-day class conducted in the inspiring setting of Natasha’s studio. The two sessions are set to be two weeks apart. If you come to a Saturday class at 2pm, then you would come two weeks later on Saturday at 2pm. Classes must be two weeks apart. Policy for Rescheduling and Cancellation You can only reschedule the class once, no exceptions. If you need to reschedule a class, you must notify me a minimum of 48 hours prior to lesson time. If at least 48 hours notice is given, we can reschedule a class at the earliest possible date. If less than 48 hours notice is given, or no notice given at all, you will be charged for the canceled class. There will be no refunds or make-up for the classes canceled without 48 hours notice. If you want to schedule another class, you will have to pay for that class separately. Your finished work must be collected within a month of the last session.



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    $120 USD

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    $120 USD

    per person