Art in the Moment - Music + Painting Improv Experience!

Austin, TX , United States

About Your Host

Indra’s Awarehouse is gearing up to host next level events – from dance and acrobatics to success and nutritional empowerment. Driven by those who care for the progress of the collective good, this movement forward is facilitating a diversification of offerings into a creation station where super foods and medicinal herbs as well as essential oils and beauty products are all available under one roof. This alchemy lab is the wave of the future, and you can be a part of all that!

What we'll do

This is a multimedia art experience. We will begin improv painting and playing music to the vibes of the night at 10pm. The music will be paired with the Art and available for the life of the painting! These have been really high -spirited sweet evenings! Join Joseph Xavior Patterson, James Gibson, Nick James, and Derek Hoki and Randi Southard as they offer their energy to fuel the dance of the brush on canvas! Art is the Change, let us share in this energy! Please give Donations according to your ability! Paintings are for sale! Inquire with James Gibson to find out how you can get an original or pre-order a Print. A piece of the music created with the art will accompany the art you buy. With love, Randi



for Art in the Moment - Music + Painting Improv Experience!

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