"Frequency" Room Escape

Austin, TX , United States

About Your Host

Will you escape? You and your group of friends and strangers find yourself trapped in a room with a very clear goal in mind . It will take all of your wits and skills to solve the maze of puzzles, find the clues and ultimately win your freedom. You'll need your team mates as the room immerses you in another world and provides new surprises constantly just when you think you've solved it. Many will enter, few will win...

What we'll do

Sight, Sound, Feel, has a speed, an oscillation, a tuning. Will it help or hurt? Will you sense your way through this experience? In his lab, your host explains that the key to your escape is tied to the frequencies all around us. From sound to light to feel to thought you will have to read into his messages while using the tools in his lab to discover his most recent project.



for "Frequency" Room Escape

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    15 Locks

    $25 USD

    per person

    $25 USD

    per person