Beginning Machine Sewing: 4 Classes

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

The world around us is changing quickly but our need for communal gatherings in a nurturing and creative setting is not. Urban Threads Studio is a D-I-Y (do it yourself) collaborative studio that hopes to introduce you to the wonderful ancient craft of sewing and textile art with a 21st century twist. You may just want to rediscover a skill you learned as a child, experience the calm energy of a day of crafting or pick up an altogether new or more advanced skill like dyeing or felting or D-I-Y couture. Our program hopes to accomplish all that and much more. Join us in the adventure and: register for a workshop, celebrate a next birthday with a textile art party, or ask us about our programs for schools and organizations.

What we'll do

Sewing Suite Home Chicago Sewing is a learning-by-doing type of activity, and each day of this four part series will build on each other. By the end of this series you will be comfortable using a sewing machine, be able to choose the appropriate techniques and materials for a project, and will know how to manipulate fabric into fun and/or practical wearables for personal use. You can say I made it every day of the week! Session 1: Go Go Gadget Discussion: How to take care of your sewing machine Hands-On Activities: Parts of the machine, various stitches and accompanying pressure and tension Skills Learned: Learn how a sewing machine works; Machine maintenance; Stitches pressure and tension; key machine stitches. Session 2: Razzle, Dazzle with Ruffles, Darts, and more! Discussion: Textile Fiber and Weaves Hands-On Activities: Fabric manipulation through techniques such as Darts, ruffles, seams and seam finishes. Skills Learned: Learn how to sculpt and structure fabric to take the form you want. Session 3: Zipper and Button Battle Discussion: Introduction to Closures Hands-On Activities: Zipper applications, buttons, button holes, snaps Skills Learned: Learn how to use the appropriate closures Session 4: Chi-town Chic! Discussion: Pulling it all together Hands-On Activities: Sew a zippered pillow case



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