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Rebuilding the Second City: River North & Cathedral District

River North, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Chicago, has experienced unparalleled evolution over the past 200 years – and Inside Chicago Walking Tours take...

Rebuilding the Second City: River North & Cathedral District
Chicago, IL, United States
2 h
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River North, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Chicago, has experienced unparalleled evolution over the past 200 years – and Inside Chicago Walking Tours takes you on a trip through time to tell its amazing story. It has grown from a desolate, pine-filled, swampy wasteland, to a bustling, dirty, industrial center, to the famous, upscale home of the “Mag Mile” that we know today. If we could see a time-lapse video of this particular area from the late 1770s to now, we would witness so many necessary pieces of the Chicago puzzle falling into place, pieces that you'll learn about on this tour route. On this tour route, you'll learn about the rebirth of Chicago after the Great Fire, and as you watch other tourists rushing from place to place in this busy neighborhood, you'll leisurely stroll along on your walking tour with a deeper appreciation for the history and evolution of this central area. Lying just a couple blocks away from popular stores and restaurants is an area that takes you back to the earliest days of the "Second" version of Chicago. ON THIS TOUR, LEARN ABOUT THINGS LIKE: --The absolute destruction of the city by the infamous Great Fire of 1871, and the immediate creation of a second version of our city -- the "Second City"; --The Water Tower that become a lasting symbol of Chicago’s determined drive to survive; --Opulent mansions that sprang up in the immediate rebuilding of the city after the Great Fire; --The amazing contrast between the fortress-like mansions of the 1800s, to the soaring glass skyscrapers that dazzle our eyes today -- buildings that are built with the ability to "perform" for their audience (you!); --Much, much more! **Within 24 hours of requesting this experience, you will receive a unique code for each ticket purchased and will need to officially register with an external ticketing office. All details will be provided in the confirmation email after registration.**

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Inside Chicago Walking Tours
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Hillary -- a member of the Chicago Tour Guide Professionals Association -- is an energetic, entertaining, and knowledgeable architecture tour guide who is not only passionate about architecture, but also passionate about Chicago and what it has to offer visitors. Some of the things that make her an excellent tour guide include: A background in Comparative Literature and languages, and years of experience teaching levels K-12 and university-level writing and language courses. She is highly skilled at communicating information in an interesting and graspable way. Nine years of experience in professional editing and translation through her freelance business, The Finer Point. She is articulate, and naturally conveys information in a very engaging way. She was even asked to have her tour translated into a number of languages for a major boat tour company in Chicago! Eight years of experience as a tour guide in Chicago (both on architecture boat tours and food-tasting tours). She is completely comfortable leading a group of people, maintaining the interest and pace of the group without losing sight of the individuals. More than a decade of improv comedy training and performance experience, having performed with a team at the famous iO (formerly "ImprovOlympic"). She is quick-thinking, adaptable, funny, and great company for exploring Chicago!
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Rebuilding the Second City: River North & Cathedral District
Hosted by Inside Chicago Walking Tours
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