The In The Loop Tour

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

I’m Margaret, your tour guide, hello…hi…hello… A little about me – grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, so I’m from here (it is apparent in all that I do, my accent, the way I cross the street, the fact that I have a hard time walking uphill because everything here is SO FLAT) and moved to the city after college. I started studying at the Second City Comedy Club in my 20s, kissed a number of relatively famous people and wandered through the city in a hazy gauze of pride mixed with a total ignorance of history, architecture or anything important that happened here. Then I did the smartest, dumbest thing I have ever done: I moved to New York City. What was I thinking? A pragmatic Chicagoan, a child of the Second City – spinning her wheels in the First City – it was not what I imagined. I had fun in NYC and I’m thankful I spent time there and learned another city, but I moved home, fast. When I got back to Chicago I promised never to take it for granted again – and I haven’t, not one day. I became a tour guide 10 years ago and it was the greatest turn anyone’s life has ever taken. My improv and comedy training guarantee that you won’t be bored; you won’t get a scripted same old same old from me, I’ve never given the same tour twice, not ever. I’ve worked hard to certify my info is correct and on point, I may be an improviser, but I don’t make stuff up! My passion for this beautiful city will promise you all the drama, peaks, valleys, comedy and love that this city has to offer. Each tour is its own unique thing and that’s what makes me fall in love with my work over and over again.

What we'll do

The In The Loop Tour is a crash course walking tour in the awesomeness that is Chicago. Everything you want to know about Chicago all rolled into one fabulous walking tour. It’s an architecture! History! Pretty things! Stories of cows, fires, egos and artists! I’ll give you the low down, and I promise, I’m not one to mice words! This is the perfect Chicago walking tour if this is your first time here or need a primer before the rest of your stay. It’s also a great tour for locals to help us remember just how awesome this city truly is. I give a lot of different kinds of information on this tour and I’ll show you how it all comes together. Plus, we laugh a lot too. It’s a passion tour, it’s all the things that make me love this city. I want to share them with you, wandering around the Loop on a sunshiny day is how it’s supposed to be.



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